The Drive to Create

For a long time now, I have been bemoaning my lack of inspiration, my creative blockages, and my growing desperation that my soul was lost forever, shriveled into a tiny walnut-shell of its former succulent self. Last summer, I traveled to Peru, and while it was incredible (I took 3,000 pictures) it did not kickstartContinue reading “The Drive to Create”

Confessions of A Teenage Fungus

I just peered into the past today. In my 20s, my then-partner had ten years of my poems tape-bound into a thick volume. 10 years of poems, ranging from 1982-1993. That covers ages 13-24, prime poem-producing years, to be sure. This volume, entitled Confessions of a Teenage Fungus,  contains around 350 poems. Looking back over thisContinue reading “Confessions of A Teenage Fungus”

The Last Words of T.F.D. Bot, the Final Poem

I reserve the right of choice/I reserve the right time/and the skull of course/the fuses blow all of her supplies/accoutrements, etc./ Many moons ago, I was not/traumatized. 11. I am sure that I hope I/ can scroll, and they stick me with their/viewing. Books are very, very fun/clothes exchanges/Playing the whole box, fresh from herContinue reading “The Last Words of T.F.D. Bot, the Final Poem”

T.F.D. Bot Speaks in Circles

This poem is originally written in a spiral, as seen in the photo above. Well, the descending bone; the black Angus do this. They said, only with some Facebooking, switch sides of Bikram Yoga. I reserve the hemlock flower! Myrtle and jessamine for a f**k. We would be the mightiest goal; yet, of my computerContinue reading “T.F.D. Bot Speaks in Circles”

30 Poems in 30 Days: Day Two

On the Couch   Where we never are, there are clothes in neat piles and sometimes a cat.   It’s comfy, and long enough for two, yet where do we end up, but   curled in bed, like cats, eating nuts and watching endless murder.   On Saturday afternoons you watch  Bloody Korean films and IContinue reading “30 Poems in 30 Days: Day Two”

30 Poems in 30 Days: Day One

From Start to Finish  It started with a note, you said you’d be my friend Even if the other girls thought you were a bitch and wouldn’t associate with you. It was Jr. High, eighth grade, and I was high on a last year’s friendship With the first girl who ever found me cool. I said yes;Continue reading “30 Poems in 30 Days: Day One”

Dillettangentially Delayed: National Poetry Month is Here

I just made up a word there, by smooshing two words together. That was pretty cool. How Lewis Carroll of me! As a writer, you can do that. You can also do that if you are a stoner. I’m usually only one of those, and I’ll leave it to you to decide which one itContinue reading “Dillettangentially Delayed: National Poetry Month is Here”

The Daily Dilettante #4: The Importance of Poetry

Recently I attended my annual family reunion. I always look forward to this event, not only because my family is awesome, but because they are really awesome. My family is full of intelligent, creative, and fierce people: writers, lawyers, union organizers, psychologists, teachers, rocket scientists, blue-collar workers, and more. I love them all. Living, as IContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #4: The Importance of Poetry”