The Last Words of T.F.D. Bot, the Final Poem

I reserve the right of choice/I reserve the right time/and the skull of course/the fuses blow all of her supplies/accoutrements, etc./ Many moons ago, I was not/traumatized. 11. I am sure that I hope I/ can scroll, and they stick me with their/viewing. Books are very, very fun/clothes exchanges/Playing the whole box, fresh from herContinue reading “The Last Words of T.F.D. Bot, the Final Poem”

T.F.D. Bot Speaks in Circles

This poem is originally written in a spiral, as seen in the photo above. Well, the descending bone; the black Angus do this. They said, only with some Facebooking, switch sides of Bikram Yoga. I reserve the hemlock flower! Myrtle and jessamine for a f**k. We would be the mightiest goal; yet, of my computerContinue reading “T.F.D. Bot Speaks in Circles”

T.F.D. Bot Says Something

Going to actually make it. Or, as there was my pants. Remember, I’m the bomb. My time in district of choice: This is a lot of dying for a purge. Problem was, Well, the halfway winds, hatched from his head, Nor stone at the time, but I thought it. The day to put some inContinue reading “T.F.D. Bot Says Something”

What Would I Say? Part One

At, one can get random “Bot” quotes pulled from his or her Facebook posts. I post way too many of these on my wall, so I thought, why not gather several together into magnificent poems? Because everything I say is brilliant, anyway, and even better when it’s randomly taken out of context. Full disclosure:Continue reading “What Would I Say? Part One”