Art Journal: July 2018

Here are the results of my first month’s art journal challenges:

Challenge One: Create Your Journal

I was at my friend’s house for this one, and I think my journal came out quite different than other journals I had created before.  Still, as usual, I began with a hard bound sketch book. In an amazing video I watched on YouTube, journal creator Maremi Small Art suggested that Art journals could be created in old used books. What a fantastic idea!! It’s a great way to avoid throwing out old books you will never read again. (It doesn’t have to be a good book.) Using a book written in a different language can give a really cool texture to your journal, and you can always paint over it with gesso if you don’t want it to be seen. Anyway, mine was just a plain sketch book I bought at a craft store, and this is what it looks like now. One of the flowers at the bottom fell off. I may replace it, or not.


Challenge TwoWrite a dedication and/or a blessing for your book.

I did both, although I did not write the blessing. I came across this poetic excerpt, and it encapsulated my thoughts well. I am hoping those blessings will be mine as I continue my journey.




Challenge Three: Create a page about yourself.

In a world of instantaneous selfies, I decided to try to paint a self-portrait, something I haven’t done in over 25 years. It is far from perfect, but not bad for an initial try. I am proud of myself for letting go of my need for perfection. On the left side of the page is a reminder to myself that my uniqueness is a gift, and a push to continue to offer my unique self to the world, whether or not I am accepted.


Challenge Four: Write or create a page around the given image.

I was tempted to put in an older poem, but since the challenge is to create (and I’m also trying to push myself to write) I ended up writing a poem about a friend who recently decided they don’t want to accept my friendship right now.  Also, I was listening to Culture Club while making dinner last night (don’t judge me!) and that quote jumped out of my iPhone and onto the page.


However, since my old poem is still on my mind, you can read it here, if you want to. 🙂

I feel like my pages are sort of simple right now, but this is a new journey, and I am experimenting. I look forward to pushing the envelope and developing new skills as time goes on.

I would love to see your art  journals, or hear your insights, if you feel inclined to post.

All love, no judgment.


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