Hello! Since you are here, I hope you know who I am and that I am an educator on Outschool.com. Perhaps you found my profile there, or have seen me on Social Media. At this date (mid-September, 2021), I have been with Outschool for about 6 months, and I really love what I do.

I may be many things, but I’m not a great self-promoter. I really depend on friends, family, and people like my readers here to spread the word. On this page, I will be talking about the classes I offer, special deals, supplemental activities and fun resources for learning at home.

If you find anything here (or on my other social media) to be interesting or useful, please share with friends and family.

I have a lot of interests, so I offer a lot of classes. I posted a lot of classes this Fall to see what would get a hit. I’ve had to remove some from my schedule, but they are still options on my list on Outschool. If, as a parent, you are interested in the subjects I offer but there is not a section open, I will happily offer it. I can finagle age ranges, dates, and times to fit my learner’s needs. This may not always be possible, but if it is within my ability to do so, I will.

My only requirement for opening a new section is that I need a minimum of three students to make it worth my time. Prepping for a single class can take several hours upfront (which is fine, because the next time I teach the class, it’s set) and doing all the work for one student is just not time/cost effective. Teachers gotta make a living! Believe me, if I could afford to teach for free, I would probably do it.

That said, I really appreciate people who help me do the work, and try to show that appreciation by offering rebates, scheduling preferences, and absolutely considering classes they would like to see me make happen (within my wheelhouse, of course.) People can help in a number of ways: either by referring a friend who joins the class, boosting the signal on social media, signing up a second learner, or even just being the first to sign up. I love to help those who help me do what I love: teach kids!

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