Art Journal: November-December 2018

So, in November and December, I created a smaller amount of art, but I also stepped outside the limits of the Art Journal project a bit, and gave myself a breather.


My first work was a portrait of Sarita Colonia Zambrano, the “Saint of the People.” She was a Peruvian girl who committed her life to chastity and caring for others. One of the myths surrounding her is a miracle related to the very reason she can never be canonized as a Catholic Saint: rape.
The story is that a gang of men attacked her and attempted to rape her, but her vagina miraculously “disappeared” and they could not penetrate her.  (Hence a “magical pussy” symbolized here by my cat, Michi.)
Other stories say she was raped and took her own life (thus, impure and a suicide, she could never be canonized.)
Medical records say she died of malaria.
Nonetheless, she has become the informal patron saint of taxi drivers, prostitutes, and homosexuals in her native Peru.


Just playing with watercolor markers.


Messing around on line,  a name generator gave me the name “Crimson Rain.” A talented friend, Laura Meryl write this sonnet, and I felt I had to give it an artistic spin.


Yeah, I made Thanksgiving dinner, an art in itself. It was really delicious.

In addition, I hand-made an Apples-To-Apples/CAH style game with Inspirobot memes for my family’s White Elephant exchange at Christmas.IT WAS PRETTY INGENIOUS. (Oops, all-caps accidental, but appropriate, so they stay.) I swore I took photos, but I can’t find them.
I spent a lot of my energy decorating my home for the holidays, buying and wrapping gifts, taking photos of my family, seeing friends, mending relationships, and reading books.  I entered 2019 refreshed and reinspired.

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