I have recently begun teaching classes on, an online platform that allows me to offer exciting classes for kids ages 3-18. While I have mostly been focusing on students in the middle school range (10-14) I am hoping to expand over time. I am absolutely open to personal requests, although I would prefer to teach groups of three or more. I often offer discounts for siblings, or for people who successfully refer others to my classes. I am also available for 1:1 tutoring. I offer lots of extras as far as supplemental curriculum and activities,

The topics I am experienced in teaching include:

Elementary: Most subjects including Literacy, Math, Social Studies, Creative Writing, Science, and Art
Middle School: English (both literature and grammar), Social Studies, Health (including Sex Ed), Creative Writing and basic Sciences
High School: English and Creative Writing
Other: Comparative Religion, Folklore, Metaphysics, Psychology, Philosophy, Alternative lenses on History (Women, Art, Theatre, LGBTQIA+), Mixed Media Art, Social Clubs

I am always learning new things, and I am happy to share my knowledge and insight with others.
I love the fact that I learn as much from my students as they do from me.

Feel free to contact me through Outschool or here to talk about my class offerings and how you can get your kids involved.

My Outschool Profile

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