And Once Again, Evolution

As you can see, I have decided to be realistic. I changed the blog name to “The Dallying Dilettante” instead of “The Daily Dilettante” because I’m done with pushing unrealistic expectations. Plus, I know I am lazy. Authentic, but lazy. Authentically lazy. I am back here in hopes that I can share a little moreContinue reading “And Once Again, Evolution”

Mathemagicians in the Making

  So, BOY (beginning of year, not gender-specific) testing is over, and it’s time to sort our students into groups. This year I find myself with 22 groups of 2-5 students, grades K-5 who need remedial intervention in mathematics. That’s 65 kids who will be coming to me for guidance and support. Wow! No pressure.Continue reading “Mathemagicians in the Making”

Finding Peas in the Whirl

I’ve been doing a lot of stuff. Making stuff, organizing stuff, planning stuff. Why do I always feel I’m never getting anything done? Perhaps it’s because prioritizing isn’t my strength. I guess it’s not that high on my list of priorities. I don’t tend to work smarter, I just splatter stuff everywhere until a projectContinue reading “Finding Peas in the Whirl”

Children Make Me Sick

    For the last couple of weeks, I have been working with kindergarteners. All those adorable faces, all those grubby little fingers in little snotty noses. All those little hands, touching everything, and then touching me. I love every minute of it, brand new voices, tears and smiles, sweet, spontaneous hugs. But children +Continue reading “Children Make Me Sick”

There’s Something in the Air

My beloved friend Ruth posted on my FB wall: “Is there something in the air that speaks of almost crushing heartache right now?” My response: “Yes. But also of healing. I see positive things on the horizon, which might also cause heartache, but for the higher good.” As you all know, I have been immersedContinue reading “There’s Something in the Air”

Welcome Back to the Madhouse

We’re all mad here.  (It goes without saying.) Training and preparation for the new school year is in full swing, and I’m getting used to the getting up early and forcing myself to bed at night, and starting on my “To Read About Math” pile, and trying to find time to blog and make artContinue reading “Welcome Back to the Madhouse”

Back to School, and Updates

It’s my last week of vacation, and I’m making it count. Whoever still thinks teachers still get 3 months of summer vacation is sorely mistaken.  At my school, I get five weeks of summer vacation.  Five weeks to de-compress from teaching 100 kids all year, and hanging around with 600. I love them, but canContinue reading “Back to School, and Updates”

The Struggle Towards Unattachment.

The Buddha said that attachment is the source of all suffering. I used to think that meant that people should not love people or things, or have feelings, like the image of some naked ascetic on a mountain top. I have come to realize that, at least for me, this “ideal”  is impossible. I loveContinue reading “The Struggle Towards Unattachment.”