The Daily Dilettante # 5: Bad Romance

When I was twelve years old, an older friend turned me on to romance novels.  Hungry for passion and smut, I devoured every one I could find, and in 1983, that was a lot of smut. One of my favorite books was “Summer of the Raven” by Sara Craven (yes, it sounds funny when youContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante # 5: Bad Romance”

The Daily Dilettante #4: The Importance of Poetry

Recently I attended my annual family reunion. I always look forward to this event, not only because my family is awesome, but because they are really awesome. My family is full of intelligent, creative, and fierce people: writers, lawyers, union organizers, psychologists, teachers, rocket scientists, blue-collar workers, and more. I love them all. Living, as IContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #4: The Importance of Poetry”

The Daily Dilettante #3: E-books and the Lost Art of Editing

Yesterday I related my journey out of the dark cave of hoarding. I mentioned that part of my problem was an addiction to books. Now, this is an addiction that, in most people, I have no problem with. I admire voracious readers and lovers of the printed word. I write, and as such, I needContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #3: E-books and the Lost Art of Editing”

The Daily Dilettante #2: The Book Hoarder

I am an admitted former hoarder. It’s an embarrassing thing to cop to, but not as embarrassing as still being a hoarder. I was only a moderate hoarder: certainly not a level four or five, but bad enough to feel overwhelmed by it. Some points in my life were far worse than other times; IContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #2: The Book Hoarder”

The Daily Dilettante #1: Jack of all Trades, Master of Some

My name is Sarah J. McNassar Thiagarajan, and I am a freelance dilettante. I do not call myself a freelance dilettante because I am shallow or don’t take things seriously, but because I am a dabbler in many things. One can’t devour and digest all the wonderful things in the world, but that’s no excuseContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #1: Jack of all Trades, Master of Some”