The Drive to Create

For a long time now, I have been bemoaning my lack of inspiration, my creative blockages, and my growing desperation that my soul was lost forever, shriveled into a tiny walnut-shell of its former succulent self. Last summer, I traveled to Peru, and while it was incredible (I took 3,000 pictures) it did not kickstartContinue reading “The Drive to Create”

Under Construction

I am so excited to introduce my new website, an extension of my original WordPress blog. Stay tuned for new blog posts, and information on my exciting new project, Poetas Sin Fronteras (Poets Without Borders) San Jose! I certainly hope I can inspire myself to do a little less Facebooking and a LOT more bloggingContinue reading “Under Construction”

Confessions of A Teenage Fungus

I just peered into the past today. In my 20s, my then-partner had ten years of my poems tape-bound into a thick volume. 10 years of poems, ranging from 1982-1993. That covers ages 13-24, prime poem-producing years, to be sure. This volume, entitled Confessions of a Teenage Fungus,  contains around 350 poems. Looking back over thisContinue reading “Confessions of A Teenage Fungus”

Inspiration takes Frightening Forms

So one of my ongoing goals is to write 750 words a day on something, anything, as long as it’s not a tweet or a Facebook post. This might be a challenge, as my creative sauce has been low for the past couple of years, and I fear my imagination-brain has shriveled to dried-pea size inContinue reading “Inspiration takes Frightening Forms”

Fuck Art, Let’s Write

I have been having a hard time keeping up with this blog for many reasons, most of which I blame conveniently on “transition.” There have been a few, but honestly, there will be more, and then others, all of which, if used as a convenient scapegoat, will derail my writing permanently. The real culprit isContinue reading “Fuck Art, Let’s Write”

The “Daily” Dilettante #7: Picture Perfect: Healing my Inner Mary Sue

This morning, a friend, a sister, wrote on her Facebook about the difficulty of believing in one’s own beauty: something I have struggled with all my life. While I try to find the beauty in everyone and everything (even things/people not conventionally beautiful), I still have a problem fully accepting that I am beautiful. ThenContinue reading “The “Daily” Dilettante #7: Picture Perfect: Healing my Inner Mary Sue”

The Daily Dilettante #4: The Importance of Poetry

Recently I attended my annual family reunion. I always look forward to this event, not only because my family is awesome, but because they are really awesome. My family is full of intelligent, creative, and fierce people: writers, lawyers, union organizers, psychologists, teachers, rocket scientists, blue-collar workers, and more. I love them all. Living, as IContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #4: The Importance of Poetry”

The Daily Dilettante #1: Jack of all Trades, Master of Some

My name is Sarah J. McNassar Thiagarajan, and I am a freelance dilettante. I do not call myself a freelance dilettante because I am shallow or don’t take things seriously, but because I am a dabbler in many things. One can’t devour and digest all the wonderful things in the world, but that’s no excuseContinue reading “The Daily Dilettante #1: Jack of all Trades, Master of Some”