Under Construction

I am so excited to introduce my new website, an extension of my original WordPress blog. Stay tuned for new blog posts, and information on my exciting new project, Poetas Sin Fronteras (Poets Without Borders) San Jose!

I certainly hope I can inspire myself to do a little less Facebooking and a LOT more blogging (and some Tweeting, and some Instagramming, and some Facebooking.)

This project (PSF) is in conjunction with Kasa de Franko, a fun online Spanish school (He also teaches in person, for locals). Frank is my Spanish teacher, and my dear friend, and we are two birds of a feather, which, to be honest, is a little frightening. Check out his blog/site at kasadefranko.com or on @KDFSpanish on Facebook. You’ll see why he and I are friends. Gotta love his “One Minute Spanish Lesson” videos!!

I’m looking forward to seeing you all more, and I hope you enjoy the site (currently under construction.) Muchos besos, everyone!

P.S. I am looking for folks who would like to be guest bloggers on The Daily Dilettante (the blog portion of the site.) I am open to poetry, fiction, or articles on nearly any topic, and would love to showcase a wide variety of writers. Let me know if you’d like a free platform for your writing, or art, or photos. All of your work will be properly attributed, and of course, it’s yours, and you retain all rights.

Published by The Freelance Dilettante

I am a freelance writer and editor, life-long learner and educator, multi-media artist, and intrepid adventurer. After eight years in lovely San Jose, CA , I have returned home to the Pacific Northwest with my two cats and one husband.

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