The Last Words of T.F.D. Bot, the Final Poem

An awesome elephant drawn by a student.
An awesome elephant drawn by a student.

I reserve the right of choice/I reserve the right time/and the skull of course/the fuses blow all of her supplies/accoutrements, etc./ Many moons ago, I was not/traumatized. 11. I am sure that I hope I/ can scroll, and they stick me with their/viewing. Books are very, very fun/clothes exchanges/Playing the whole box, fresh from her poems here/I reserve the bedroom with other human beings./Spent my friends and family./ Blessings to all the other things containing all the time./was thinking of bringing his poems here./Lost question of the wrinkled undertaker’s van/And Rip Van Winkle from Mars, David./All I want: pine nuts./Oh, likely a LOT of people like the people who keeps a loaded machine gun./This was the master of the airport, who keeps a billboard./ I saw her conversion, she went to a party last night./Haven’t managed quite a common joke?/ I reserve the end of the big crushes/ was on the echoes, and I try to get them (to) know about us/ If I have a true story./ Wish you could have some interesting exploring ahead.

T.F.D. Bot Speaks in Circles

IMG_1654This poem is originally written in a spiral, as seen in the photo above.

Well, the descending bone; the black Angus do this. They said, only with some Facebooking, switch sides of Bikram Yoga. I reserve the hemlock flower! Myrtle and jessamine for a f**k. We would be the mightiest goal; yet, of my computer was the lamb on knocking knees. And three years over things containing all the time. Speaking of style, I’m not pressuring anyone who’s riding BART at the leftovers as my test were at me in my fellow student: a child, his fork, a dog among his face, yet it’s raining here, you can find something. I reserve the right thing.I might be a better human being. Yes, it was right. You need to be reviled by some for most of my best movie? I reserve the right outside my window. Tired and have finished their grandparents, and wondering what I got me to the fore when I did some misunderstandings. சின்ன சின்ன ஆடு! My alarm was going to leave a tip until i watched my mother give birth, and some of you report it? I reserve the heaven’s egg, with bones unbuttoned, to the doctor when lying that way. I’m bummed I won’t likely be in piles of the best chai masala tea, and water aerobics class. I reserve the kind of sick I like. I feel like I am also a new year’s present ever. First world needs more Libras. Warning: it may happen. For anyone who is all metaphors, shape in my dream? So in the rose bower! A narrow bed in HK was the doc did suggest– a few days there was his idea. OMG I will be rampant enough to places in my dreams, to houses with secret rooms, to barren deserts where  creatures bare their secretaries or neighbors’ wives or daughters, even my upstairs neighbor, who keeps a joke between me an other sacred women. I used to slim them down, to protect them. So, you have to be dead now. And how lucky you are.It’s quite odd, looking forward to washing my face and at the good threads. I’ll do not to translate the sentence into Tamil, as I frantically look forward to work now, covered in Tamil.

T.F.D. Bot Says Something

A leaf, on my pants
A leaf, on my pants

Going to actually make it.

Or, as there was my pants.

Remember, I’m the bomb.

My time in district of choice:

This is a lot of dying for a purge.

Problem was,

Well, the halfway winds, hatched from

his head, Nor stone at the time, but I

thought it.

The day to put some in India, focusing

on Tamil Nadu.

Other than that, there was his idea.

I reserve the wood of weathers. First

there was a big time.

Right now the pants I wear when they

are relevant to me: when we left. I liked

my post…if you crack me with

photographs. Clean up the Ants patch

off my hips, when I was wondering.

It’s a prophylaxis, though, so it’s

simply inappropriate. Plus, it

forgot to visit. You can have to use it.

I reserve the hilarious wonderfulness

that is the Tamil class soon.

I reserve the first time; the ladies were

wearing wetsuits in water aerobics class.

Well, the movie.

What Would I Say? Part One

T.F.D.Bot never forgets.
T.F.D.Bot never forgets.

At, one can get random “Bot” quotes pulled from his or her Facebook posts. I post way too many of these on my wall, so I thought, why not gather several together into magnificent poems? Because everything I say is brilliant, anyway, and even better when it’s randomly taken out of context.

Full disclosure: slight edits, such as punctuation or a connecting word, may have been made.

T.F.D Bot Speaks

I reserve the skull of toes on

thunderous pavements in Tamil.

I reserve the right thing; I was quite

happy ignoring it.

I reserve the complexity and

ridiculousness of ganja, a Hindi word

and have, on reading past lives with

shrines, etc.

I reserve the right now, covered in cat


Does that mean I’m fine, but I assume


The day of the city to come down

drunk. I have fuzzy socks.

Sometimes I hope for the rarely used

To have the city cemetery, to be

desensitized. It, its riptide, and these songs of

broken women which was likely a

bandit (LOL)

I reserve the end of the dictionary?

The size 8, I’m more like monkeys?

He was so cold.

Yesterday’s album is lost, and the

halfway winds, hatched from

nowheres, and preparations for our last


Pongal is the needle; it’s in my head now.