Deconstruct This!

Not all my posts this year will be super- long ones: sorry to ruin your fun,  TL;DRers. When I was 18 I went to New York City, where I discovered an entire museum filled with what some people call “art,” and others call “garbage.” Oh, MOMA, what wonders you wreaked in my psyche. Suddenly, IContinue reading “Deconstruct This!”

An Invitation to Empowerment (Where the Magic Happens)

It’s Midsummer* already, and I feel as if I am riding the equinox, straddling the line between dark and light. I’ve been stuck again. Those who know me well know that this happens often. I can say that I’m really busy, but in reality, I’m just stagnating creatively (and socially, and intellectually, and emotionally, etc…)Continue reading “An Invitation to Empowerment (Where the Magic Happens)”