Deconstruct This!


Not all my posts this year will be super- long ones: sorry to ruin your fun,  TL;DRers.

When I was 18 I went to New York City, where I discovered an entire museum filled with what some people call “art,” and others call “garbage.” Oh, MOMA, what wonders you wreaked in my psyche. Suddenly, I too could express myself artistically without shame (as can many others. It’s okay, Artists never get too far if they aren’t shameless.)

I love deconstructing stuff. It’s fun, it’s easy (though it takes skill to do it well), and it is cheap therapy. In 2011, I was at the Art Mecca that is Costco, when I found a copy of “Wreck This Journal” by Keri Smith, who is a genius who makes money by telling people to wreck stuff. AND THEY DO IT!

I’m almost finished wrecking the journal, so since I wanted to do some more damage, I downloaded the “Wreck this App” wherein I can wreck the same stuff OVER and OVER. I also bought another app called “This is Not an App”, which is kind of confusing because it is, but that’s just life lived in paradox.

Anyway, the picture above is my first attempt at wrecking something on my phone; lucky for me, my phone itself remains perfectly functional.

Because she is awesome (and no, I am NOT a paid spokesperson), please go buy Keri Smith’s stuff at Amazon and at your appropriate app store (available for both iOS and Android)

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