Workshop Structures

For those interested in attending a Poetas Sin Fronteras workshop, each session will have a particular structure.

Introduction: Our workshops will usually begin with a short introduction if there are any new people, or a question to share around the circle.

“Open Mic”: A few minutes at the start of each workshop will be reserved for a mini-open mic. It’s not a full reading space or discussion time, just a showcase of 1-2 poems that came from the previous workshops, showcasing the given prompts.

Mini-Lesson/Discussion: The main portion (meat and potatoes) of the workshop. Franko and I will present a topic in the form of a mini-lesson or a discussion.

Free Write:  At this time, a prompt is chosen, and all present will do a 3/5/7 free write (this will be explained further later) on the topic chosen.

Writer’s Circle: The final third of the workshop will be the writer’s circle, where participants can share and receive constructive critique on their work. It is not a requirement to share your work, but please be willing to listen and respond to the work of others.

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