PSF Group Norms

We all like to assume that others know how to behave, but it is important for any group to have norms, or agreed upon standards of conduct, so that problems don’t arise out of misunderstandings.

In Poetas Sin Fronteras, we have developed these group norms to help us get the most out of our workshops.

Show Respect.  Writing is personal and, at its best, vulnerable. Respect the fact that one person’s truth may not be your truth. One person’s story may not be yours. That said, this space will be safe for all people to participate regardless of any category that may be used to define them.  The only exclusions are people who are cruel to or intolerant of others. (Disagreement with ideas is acceptable; intolerance of human beings is not.)

Give 110%.  You are welcome to attend without reading or sharing your work. However, please arrive with the intent to participate in writing exercises and discussion. Also, be prepared to listen and offer full attention to participants who are speaking, reading and/or offering their work for feedback. Trust is built when everyone takes risks.

Have a Growth Mindset. Everyone can get better. Even a Poet Laureate can improve their craft. Every participant in this group is both teacher and learner. If your work is perfect, and you have nothing left to learn, this group is not for you. If you have never written a poem before, you are just as good of a potential poet as anyone here. You can learn, and I can learn, if we open ourselves to the possibility. Take advantage of the opportunity to set your poems free.

Assume the Best. We are here to make art together. Trust that everyone is here to encourage and support you. If you feel otherwise, let’s discuss it and make it right.

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